Adopting the prime of your Last minute, Amy try criticised since the as well sexy having children program such as Doc Just who

Adopting the prime of your Last minute, Amy try criticised since the as well sexy having children program such as Doc Just who

Towards the end of the woman time with the Doctor, she got so you’re able to wearing studying cups. (TV: This new Angels Take Manhattan)

What’s Amy’s age? [ ]

Following their matrimony regarding Big-bang, Amy’s genuine past term is actually a matter of conjecture. During most of collection six, your medical professional continued to name the woman “Pond”, making open the chance that she didn’t always grab Rory’s past term. Their lone the means to access “Amy Williams” from the Jesus State-of-the-art – simultaneously when he is attempting to make this lady look for this lady life due to an even more “real” contact – recommended, however, did not show, one to she actually was “Amy Williams”. Similarly, a family doctor had delivered to discussing Rory due to the fact “Rory Pond”, definition the new continued entry to “Pond” during the regard to Amy might have been incorrect also, along with one or more such as regarding Girl Which Waited, gave her very own term because Amy Pond. Yet not, speculation ended with Asylum of your own Daleks, where she try definitively revealed signing their legal identity so you’re able to a beneficial divorce document because the “Williams”. On the Angels Just take New york, she uses Amelia Williams regarding afterword away from the lady daughter’s investigator book, some other unique she had written just before the woman death, in addition to gravestone she shares with Rory.

Played of the several stars [ ]

Amy ‘s the basic partner during the Doctor Which records for a couple of Women’s Choice pour rencontres site concurrent repeated portrayers, namely Karen Gillan and you can Caitlin Blackwood. The 2, despite getting earliest cousins, got never ever fulfilled before the realize-as a result of and you will shooting toward Very last minute. Though Blackwood and Gillan are in person similar, they have additional eye tones: Gillan has actually brown eyes, when you find yourself Blackwood’s is bluish.

When you’re several companions have been portrayed of the no less than one juvenile stars into the flashbacks and you will check outs so you’re able to earlier circumstances inside their timelines, Amy ‘s the simply partner whose role try began by the their juvenile star and after that bought out by the girl normal mature star, otherwise who was greeting to visit toward Doc since a beneficial son, or who signed-from part. (TV: The fresh new Last second, The latest Angels Get Manhattan)

Controversies [ ]

Piers Wenger, a series 5 manager music producer, told you, “The entire kissogram issue played with the Steven’s curiosity about the new partner to be feisty and you may blunt and a bit of several. Amy is amongst the wildest spouse the Doctor enjoys travelled that have, but she isn’t promiscuous. This woman is really a two-man woman which will be obvious over the course of the latest episodes.” [1]

Prior to this present year, Amy’s red hair was utilized to help you defuse the thus-called “Ginger controversy” one to erupted at the beginning of because of misinterpretation from a statement made by the Eleventh Dme’s history of using their red-lead actors, the brand new BBC indexed that Amy try another consecutive fundamental Tv companion to have red-colored hair. [2]

The fresh Intelligent Book 2012 [ ]

  • Amy and you may Rory’s other unchronicled vacation tourist attractions integrated fulfilling William Shakespeare in 1605, that have a picnic regarding the bee-infested Home gardens out-of Zul-Thep from inside the 3104, and encountering Wyatt Earp and you can a beneficial cactus in a tour of acid-spitting land squids for the Drago14.

P.S. [ ]

P.S., an excellent terminated Digital video disc most, gave specific more information regarding how it happened to help you Amy following the occurrences of Angels Capture Manhattan. Even though the view was launched from the BBC, although not, it can’t be studied while the necessarily legitimate, anymore than just about any other deleted otherwise unfinished world.

According to scene, Amy and you will Rory showed up circa 1938, about fifty ages just before their births. They paid inside Nyc and you will ordered a home having a beneficial brief lawn and therefore Rory developed because the a garden. Watching the fresh new seminar of time, she then followed the woman husband’s surname, Williams. It then followed a baby kid in 1946, exactly who it entitled Anthony Brian Williams, and you can advised of its travels thanks to time and place.

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