8 Successful Digital Transformation Examples in Business

The tech platform we use to manage a database of more than 9 million publishers for strategic outreach is also something that we created when we recognized the need. Many manufacturing companies undergoing a digital transformation are doing so for greater efficiency. They use predictive analytics to reduce supply chain costs and maintenance needs, as well as decrease energy and water consumption, etc. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the best digital transformation strategies in the specific examples below.

Healthcare organizations are investing in scalable, flexible technologies, such as APIs, big data analytics, and cloud technologies. All these are needed to access data and provide patients with personalized solutions. The transformation of digital healthcare today enables a patient-centric approach. This allows healthcare providers and institutions to make operations more efficient, while targeting and personalizing service for patients, ensuring a better user experience and improved health outcomes.

You must improve organizational processes, talent, and mindsets in order to embrace a long-term digital transformation. To spur growth, you must introduce agility, digital mindsets, and innovation skills into the company. For some businesses, this entails starting with a focus on consumer-facing offers to enhance the customer experience and move away from traditional methods of doing things. Whether led or informed digital transformation and process automation by the organization’s IT department, DX efforts always include integration of shot-floor operational technologies into business IT systems. Smart connection of plant-floor OT to the enterprise-level IT helps organizations enjoy all the benefits of digitalization. Cross-capitalization of both systems’ data requires translation and interpretation to glean information relevant to the operations at hand.

Digital transformation examples in marketing

Currently, new technological solutions are appearing on the market at a rapid pace. This may be referred to as the “second wave of digital transformation”. Robotics, machine learning, Big Data and artificial intelligence are becoming more and more common. https://globalcloudteam.com/ According to Gartner, thirty-seven percent of companies have implemented AI in some form, translating to a 270% increase over the last four years. To be successful with digital transformation, Walmart prioritized data access for everyone on their teams.

Digital transformation applies to anything that changes from analog to digital. Think of filing paper records at a doctor’s office, which are now digitized into electronic health records with scheduling and monitoring capabilities beyond paper and pen. The success of digital transformation in an organization relies on an openness to innovation and flexibility.

Big data Analytics

Besides, IoT is transforming the financial landscape by introducing risk management, authorization processes , and access to multiple channels. Particularly, as more customers are using their mobile applications and websites for performing transactions, omni-channel took hold in financial services. Therefore, mobile banking is becoming a crucial part of the digital banking journey. Digital transformation in banking is not just an alteration; it is far beyond just moving from the conventional to a digital world.

Digital transformation examples

There are different leadership styles that are utilized in different organizations. Over the course of time, charismatic leaders have been significant in evoking feelings of passion in people that inspire them to push for change. Aeologic Technologies can be a reliable technical partner in the digital transformation of banking businesses.

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If it can be done on this level, it can be done on almost any other level. IKEA’s digital transformation is one sure to inspire companies that digitization is possible, no matter your size or industry. To conclude this list of companies who successfully – and continue to succeed – in their digital transformation, IKEA is a stellar example.

  • In September 2021, CoachHub acquired French digital coaching pioneer MoovOne to build a global champion focused on jointly democratizing coaching.
  • These items are used to deliver advertising that is more relevant to you and your interests.
  • Their location at the furthest reaches of machinery means their processing power is well placed to filter and analyze data before it’s sent onward to central controls or the design’s cloud presence.
  • There is no right answer because digital transformation, on a global scale, is the sum of the collective changes in the digital age.
  • Domino’s Pizza is one of the world’s leading pizza brands that has established a huge digital transformation in marketing.
  • It also introduces the use of big data analytics for improved decision making.
  • The company focused on more powerful data analytics, updated its e-commerce strategy, and created stronger digital marketing campaigns.

According to data from World Economic Forum, the use of digital transformation is on the rise across all industries. However, the sectors which are leading the digital transformation include semiconductors, energy, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and logistics. Normally, such a store requires renting out a physical sale and hiring staff to deal with the customers.

What’s more, step-by-step design approaches must yield to more flexible design and prototyping approaches. Here, the typical trial-error iterative process involving mostly siloed in-house design teams is replaced by open and holistic design work. But whether instituted by a team internal to an organization or hired consultants, digital-transformation initiatives can face pushback at established companies — especially from naturally skeptical engineers.

How to Digitally Transform Your Business

Digital transformation removes silos between the digital world and the real world, improving customer experiences, efficiency, and data. However, it’s an expensive and risky undertaking to reinvent the way an enterprise operates. So, before you commit to a plan, let’s look at some successful digital transformation examples across multiple industries to help you chart your course ahead. With everything from pizza delivery to child care now available at their fingertips, customers are expecting more and more companies and industries to embrace digital as their primary means of doing business. For service departments, that means greater expectations for 24/7 problem-solving on the customer’s channel of choice.

Digital transformation examples include mobile applications, constant connectivity, instant loan approvals, virtual try-ons, buy online and pick up in-store, and more. Call centers aren’t quite a thing of the past, but the digital age brings so much more flexibility when it comes to finding the right medium for serving customers in different ways. On top of this, there was a lack of visibility into how support affected sign-up numbers, as well as where people were struggling with applications. And as Elevate agents provide support to customers under extreme stress, they wanted to deliver the much needed funds, faster.

Digital transformation examples

5G networks will enable telemedicine services to be offered over mobile networks allowing doctors to serve patients in remote areas. We’ve grown significantly over the years with a business that is largely run online and through digital processes. The technologies we use to assess the competitive landscape were developed internally and are completely unique in the industry.

Best Examples of Digital Transformation Case Studies in 2023

GettyDigital transformation involves more than just updating technology and processes; it also involves revenue and shareholders. Many companies are hesitant to invest in digital transformation without knowing if the investment will pay off. However, when done strategically, digital transformation can improve stock prices and revenue in the long run. These seven major companies show that changes might not occur overnight, but investing in digital transformation can make a large financial impact over time. Gathering more data and opening up that data to internal teams was just the first step of the process, though. AB InBev capitalized on their digital investments by launching an ecommerce marketplace called BEES for their SMB customers—the “mom and pop shops”—to order products from.

How digital transformation impacts businesses?

And for 2023, experts believe that this value will reach up to $6.8 trillion. Similarly, more than half of worldwide companies have said that digital transformation is their main priority. Offerings such as Effifuel & Effitires resulted in significant cost savings and improved overall vehicle efficiency. Michelin Solutions uses IoT & AI to provide customers with a more holistic mobility experience. Sophos experienced a reduction in sales operations support tickets globally by 15% (~12,000 tickets).

Types of digital transformation

Charismatic leadership is a leadership style that uses charm, persuasiveness, trust, and interpersonal connection to motivate the people in the workplace. For keeping up with the ever-changing market, traditional banks had to adapt to new technologies and operating models that could keep them in the circle throughout the entire customer’s journey. With the top-down implementation of digital strategies, the banking industry is becoming more client-inclusive and tech-savvy.

However, the usefulness of edge devices ultimately relies on interoperability with multiple machine systems. Michelin Solutions shifted its business model from selling tires to a service guaranteeing performance, helping it achieve higher customer satisfaction, increased loyalty, and raised EBITDA margins. Under Armour diversified from an athletic apparel company to a new data-driven digital business stream to transform the fitness industry. Tesla uses connected car technology and over-the-air software updates to enhance customer experience, enable cost savings, and reduce carbon emissions. However, the best way to develop an effective digital transformation strategy is to learn by example. The company Doxy.me is a free web-based system designed for telehealth.

OKR Product Management Guide for Outcome-Oriented Goals

Her areas of focus include motors, drives, motion control, power transmission, linear motion, and sensing and feedback technologies. In Mechanical Engineering and is an inductee of Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society; a member of the Society of Women Engineers; and a judge for the FIRST Robotics Buckeye Regionals. Besides her motioncontroltips.com contributions, she also leads the production of the quarterly motion issues of Design World. These features help reduce warranty, waste, and downtime costs while improving worker safety, ideally with IoT implementations that satisfy the objectives of machine builders as well as end users. With the Connected Fitness app, it provided a customer experience tailored to each consumer.

However today, with metaverse, brands have an entirely new landscape to explore. In the metaverse, brands are creating their own virtual spaces where they can interact with customers in a more personal way. This is opening up a whole new world of possibilities for marketing and customer engagement. With metaverse, brands can create immersive experiences beyond traditional social media’s limitations. For instance, brands can host virtual events, providing customers with an interactive and unique brand experience.

Looking at consumers as individuals, and studying their behavior from the first touchpoint all the way through the buying journey, brings to light the natural bond between marketing and sales. Nurture that bond, and magic happens when these historically separate groups work together. Let’s look at some examples from that article that detail how digitally transforming your messaging strategy can increase customer engagement and reduce your costs. Live chat also gives an extra option for people who may otherwise feel too anxious to have difficult conversations over the phone. And if a customer gets stuck in the application process, agents can offer to start a cobrowsing session right from live chat, allowing them to troubleshoot on-screen together in real time. This approach to data has been so successful that the initiative has been extended to incorporate the whole of the north of England.

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